Glazing at the Pottery Cafe

“What you end up with is a kiln that goes off like an oven full of popcorn, but much more dangerous.”
Today we are glazing a batch of pots. It all starts with the bisque fired pots. We try to keep each group of pots together as they go through the process because we have, believe it or not, put un-bisque fired pots in the raku kiln.


We have been working primarily with a white crackle raku glaze. Glazing is done by trial and error and we plan to experiment with a blackfoot glaze soon. David has been using an industrial spray gun to spray the glaze on. It takes a few coats and the pots need to dry in between. Before we start we have a conversation about what we should do for each one. Then David gets suited up in his gloves and mask and gets to work in the driveway with his spray booth.

Spray Booth

David has built a cardboard spray booth we use in the driveway. Luckily we have more nice weather days here in Mississippi. He sprays two or more coats per pot. Then Suzi applies the delicate trim colors later on her wheel.

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